September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Ovarian cancer ranks 5th in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.  Estimates for 2016 for Ovarian Cancer in the US from the American Cancer Society show that about 22,280 women will be newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  A women has a risk of 1 in 75 for developing ovarian cancer in her lifetime.  The risk gets higher with age.  Some other factors that may increase or decrease  a females risk include obesity, reproductive history, birth control usage, history of GYN surgery, use of fertility drugs, use of hormones, diet and family history.  Most women have one or more of the risk factors for ovarian cancer.  There is no practical way to prevent most cases of ovarian cancer, but there are several ways to help reduce your risk.  If you are concerned about your risk, you should discuss this information with your healthcare provider. 

About 20% of ovarian cancer diagnosis are found at an early stage.  When found early and it is localized, about 94% of these women live longer than 5 years after diagnosis.  Regular pelvic exams, transvaginal ultrasound and blood test CA-125 are ways that early detection can occur.  We encourage you to make an appointment today to see us for your yearly well woman exam!


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